When and where is RedGorilla Music Fest and how can I get a ticket?


RedGorilla Music Fest will be held in venues in and around downtown 6th Street in Austin, TX from March 12-17, 2018. No tickets are needed. The festival is free and open to the public.

How can I perform at RedGorillaMusic Fest?


You can submit online through our site, on ReverbNation, or by mail. Please contact us at info@redgorillamusic.com to submit by mail. 


Can I submit if I’m from outside Austin, TX or the USA?


We encourage artists from all over the world to showcase at RedGorilla and we look forward to having you participate!


Will I need a visa or work permit to play RedGorilla Music Fest?


Please check with your local and United States authorities. We suggest that you assume the answer to this question is “yes” until informed otherwise by the proper authorities.


When will I be notified if I am selected to play?


Notification will be on an ongoing basis and will conclude no later than January 31, 2018 RedGorilla will use its best efforts to notify you as soon as possible so that you can make your travel arrangements. The complete schedule will be posted on our website once all artists have been confirmed.


Will I be paid to play RedGorilla Music Fest?


There is no pay, but your showcase will be promoted very well, and we know you will have a great time!


Can I sell merchandise at my show?


Absolutely! Artists are encouraged to sell their merchandise and CDs at their shows. You retain 100% of your merch sales.


Does RedGorilla cover travel expenses or pay for accommodations?


No. You will be responsible for your own travel and expenses. Since our beginning, we have continued to be a FREE event, and in order to remain that way, we have to keep expenses as low as possible. However, we do cover most backline needs for our artists.


Can I get a record, publishing, or touring deal from playing RedGorilla Music Fest?


Performing at RedGorilla Music Fest is a great opportunity to be seen and heard by the music industry’s most influential executives. It is a stepping stone toward furthering your career and could possibly lead to a record, publishing, or touring deal. Record labels, publishers, and booking agencies, both major and indie, have all attended RedGorilla showcases. Many RedGorilla alumni have attributed their record, publishing, or touring deals to the connections made at their showcases at RedGorilla events. We encourage you to put on your best show at RedGorilla Music Fest, because you never know who’s in the room!


What can I do to promote my show?


Be proactive and take your showcase seriously; effective promotion is always the key to having a successful show. Your RedGorilla showcase could be one of the most important gigs you’ve ever had – but it’s up to you to maximize the benefits. Do whatever you can to get the word out that you are showcasing at RedGorilla Music Fest. Posters, press releases, newsletters, and networking are all good ways to help promote your show. Feel free to use the RedGorilla name, and if you’d like a logo, you can get one from our Marketing page.


I would like to do more to promote my show. What options does RedGorilla offer?


You can place an ad in the RedGorilla program guide or put an insert (CD, flyer, etc.) in our "Goody Bag," which is handed out to all showcase attendees. Please contact our office for pricing and more information at info@redgorillamusic.com. Space is limited, so please reserve yours early.


Why doesn’t RedGorilla have panel discussions or speakers?


RedGorilla Music Fest was started as a way to showcase music, and we want to continue that tradition by focusing on the music. Our specialty is showcasing, and by doing what we do best, we can provide the most opportunity to bands and solo artists. What’s most important to RedGorilla is that you play to a packed house filled with new fans and music industry professionals who can help you further your career. So, we focus our energy toward accomplishing that goal for you. We do, however, encourage our artists and attendees to participate and purchase badges for SXSW* and enjoy the great lineup of speakers and panelists that they bring to Austin each year.


*RedGorilla Music Festival is not affiliated or associated in any way with South by Southwest, Inc. or the SXSW festival, conferences, or organization.