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RedGorilla Music Fest Artist of the Day: "Alfred Banks"

Artist Name: Alfred Banks

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

What's your biggest struggle as an independent artist?

Juggling all the things I have to do on a daily basis to keep things running smooth. I have an awesome manager/Agent. So, That helps a bit with the grind. But, we still have so much to do on a daily basis.

Why RedGorilla? what do you hope to accomplish during your time in Austin?

RedGorilla is an incredible festival I’ve hear about many times over the years. I’ve always wanted to perform at that. I’d like to rock my set, Sell some merch, & make some new fans! The goal of every show.

How did you hear about the festival?

I heard about it thru my mentor Truth universal, The Godfather Of Underground HipHop In New Orleans. He performed at this festival years back & he told how much he enjoyed it.

Favorite venue to play in the country?

A: My favorite venue to play is Definitely The Howlin’ Wolf In New Orleans. They have really cool carpet on stage. Which always makes me smile. I’ve opened for Wu-Tang, Mac Miller, Jay Electronica & Nappy Roots there as well.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from knowing that as much as I’ve accomplished, I still so far to go. I’m always looking for ways to accomplish the next big goal.

What are some artists you look up to?

Some Artists I look up to include Charles Hamilton, Lupe Fiasco, Cyhi the Prynce & Mf Doom. All those guys make incredible music and can rap with the best of em.

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