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RedGorilla Music Fest Artist of the Day: "iamhill"

Iamhill’s latest single Give it a Rest

By:Sarah Graubard

Give it a Rest is the latest song from emerging artist #iamhill. The tune is an expression of sarcastic frustration with capitalist patriarchy. It is the cover song for her newest EP coming out later this year. The song conveys the singer's own unique talents as well, not just her take on politics. Performed on an Oberheim analog synthesizer, there is simplicity throughout the cover. Hill relies heavily on her voice, allowing her natural talents as a singer to reach listeners. She draws inspiration from #Trap, #Rap, and #Hiphop genres, which can all be felt through her musical undertones. The song is set to be the next greatest indie sound of 2018. Her soulfully melodic voice is paired with simple synthesizing beats. With it's repetitive and catchy lyrics, this song is one to stay in your head awhile.

Iamhill is a Canadian born artist working in the music industry as a top-line writer for Ultra Music. Despite working for a company that provides musical assistance to artists such as #CalvinHarris and #SofiTukker, IamHill is making a name for herself. She is also proving to be the next great artist in the industry. Her passion and love for music are evident throughout her songs and lyrics. With musical stylings similar to that of fellow Canadian artist Grimes and Swedish singer-songwriter Robyn, she will no doubt have a huge cult following in the near future. Her songs also consist of rhythmic undertones resembling R&B singer #ErykahBadu eclectic musical style.

Iamhill is also a force to be reckoned with, she writes, produces, and records all of her music on her own. A triple threat to the music industry. If you are an Austin resident or an avid festival goer, she will be performing at Red Gorilla Music Fest. According to the Red Gorilla website, they have been essential in making bands such as Imagine Dragons, Foster the People, and Kendrick Lamar into household names of the music industry. Although they are not apart of the #SXSW festival, they have gained a massive following during the well-known festivals run. So mark your calendars for March 12th to the 17th as Red Gorilla will be showcasing Iamhill as the next great artist. Checkout Iamhill's Give it a Rest on #Spotify and #Applemusic.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/iam.hill.official/

Spotify: iamhill

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/i_am_hill/?hl=en