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RedGorilla Music Fest Artist of the Day: "Sam Burchfield"

Sam Burchfield

Hometown: Atlanta, Georig

By: Sarah Graubard

Sam received huge notoriety when he appeared as a contestant on American Idol. Since then, he has been continuing to follow his passion of creating and performing music. As an artist, he has a soulful presence and enthusiasm that he embodies every time he performs for the masses. If you have an opportunity to catch his show at Red Gorilla, GO!

What's your biggest struggle as an independent artist?

Juggling all of the different roles that aren't just creating music. It's running a small business, so I have to deal with the backend stuff more often that I'd like to... That ends up taking away from your time to be creative.

Why RedGorilla? what do you hope to accomplish during your time in Austin?

RedGorilla has been good to me in the past, and honestly I feel like it's more of the indie-underbelly of the city during that week. It's where people go to hear more of the real, raw hardworking indie artists. And it's a ton of fun. I'm just trying to make the most of it and hear a lot of music, play a lot of music, and meet more awesome people in the industry.

How did you hear about the festival?

I heard about it through word of mouth several years ago when I first played.

Favorite venue to play in the country?

In the country? Gosh. I love The Georgia Theatre in Athens, and Eddie's Attic in ATL.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

As a songwriter I hope to be inspired by everything around me, from the little day-to-day things to the big moments of our generation. I listen to all sorts of music; grew up on classic rock and disco, and country, then started listening to singer/songwriter stuff in high-school, moved into some heavier funk and jazz in college. Always have a soft spot for some 90s r&b...

What are some artists you look up to?

I think my buddy Caleb Hawley puts on one of the best live shows ever. Victoria Canal is a fierce, talented young artist who should definitely be famous and is a badass. The Terminus Horns have to be the hardest working horn section in the industry. My wife 'Pip the Pansy' is one of the most creative people I have ever met and I will always admire her most. And of course I like The Band, Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney.... ya know, those guys.


Website: http://samburchfield.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samburchfieldmusic/

Instagram: @samburchfield