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RedGorilla Music Fest Artist of the Day: "The Band of Brothas"

By: Sarah Graubard

Band of Brothas

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

The #bandofbrothas is one of the most exciting acts to come out of the Atlanta music scene in the last five years. Made up of four brothers, Band of Brothas is an accomplished backing band that is making its way to the front of the stage, under the spotlights for all to see.

Comprised of four impressively talented musicians, the band has been touring on a regular basis for the last few years, crossing both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans and playing with well established acts such as #Raury, #BigKrit and #KevinRoss, whom they played with during a tour with #Maxwell.

Band of Brothas has an eclectic sound, sampling different aspects from the various groups artists they've been inspired by and combining them with their own individual tastes. From soul to funk, hip hop to rock and even electronica, Band of Brothas is making exciting music and providing a rebirth of creativity and originality!

What's your biggest struggle as an independent artist?

Funding tours, Tapping into international markets

Why RedGorilla?

Chris York has been showing nothing but love and support since we’ve began speaking about the Red Gorilla shows in Austin. After reading up on red gorilla and seeing the type of support and platform you all provide for artists we thought it would be great to be apart, we’re super thankful that you all chose us!

What do you hope to accomplish during your time in Austin?

Playing A LOT of Shows lol and Building a lot of new relationships with other artists promoters and music lovers in general

How did you hear about the festival?

Chris from Red Gorilla reached out to us after we were referred by our mutual friend #Rahbi also an Artist from Atlanta

Favorite venue to play in the country?

Man that’s a hard one but it would probably have to be “#TheTroubadour” such a legendary spot with so much history!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Everything literally Out peer musicians, the Greats that came before us from #Prince to Stevie to even more recent creatives like #Pharrell and #thunderkat there is a lot of great music being created right now so we’re just thankful to be doing music right now and of Course and most importantly for us God. We’ve been very blessed and fortunate in a careers so far so our faith in him and his purpose for us definitely plays a major part in us staying inspired!

What are some artists you look up to?

Pharrell, #JamesBlake , P#rince , Earth Wind And Fire, #Bilal, #SnarkyPuppy, #TyeTribbet, #RobertGlasper, there are so many honestly...

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Instagram: @Bandofbrothas

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